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Online resources for musicians in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak

As the self-distancing measures come into play all around the world, we are all taking to the internet to keep our lives going as much as we can. Musicians are looking for ways to play and share their music with each other, as well as continuing to teach and reach out to their students to keep them motivated.

In light of this, I’m compiling a list of online resources which are popping up or being offered free of charge which may be of help to musicians in this difficult time. I’ll also include other previous resources which may be of use. If you have any to add, then feel free to email me and I’ll add them to the list.

Concerts and programmes

BBC plan to launch arts and culture into the home

Royal Opera House free online content

Met Opera to screen free performances online

Berlin Philharmonic free performances if you sign up before March 31

Streaming service for arts and culture 

Virtual performing groups you can join

Gareth Malone’s Great British home chorus

For fellow fluties, Flute Center of New York Virtual flute choir (I shall be joining in with this one!)

Interactive sites

National curriculum and instrumental resources

Similar to Charanga 

Online music creation software 

Similar to soundtrap 

Online notation software

Online learning instrument and songs. Write and record your own music. 

General Teaching Resources

All resources offered through the Twinkl website are free for the next month only if you signup using the code UKTWINKLHELPS

BBC launches BBC Teach containing video and audio clips arranged by age group

Flash cards and quizzes

Quiz/learning game creator



Music Theory

Online exercises and resources

My own online lessons and courses for Grades 1-3

My helpsheets available to download


Stay safe, and keep making music!